Our Suppliers

At Macy’s where possible we source as locally as we can, here is a list of our current suppliers, their contact information and what products we have selected from their range. All from Lincolnshire.

Tom Wood’s Brewery

It was with grain from the Lincolnshire Wolds fields and in the highest local traditions the story begins. The Wood Family have been farming these fields for nearly 100 years, ever since their grandfather took on the tenancy around the time of the Great War. The tenancy was then handed down to his son after the Second World War. The Wood family has now passed down to the third generation of farmer and it is here that Tom Wood’s Melton High Wood Brewery stands.

Apidae Honey

Their Pure, Raw Honey comes straight from the hive, is cold extracted and never pasteurised which means that it retains all of the natural enzymes and proteins that make English honey so special. Of course, every jar is different depending upon where the bees and apiaries are located, what time of year it is and what types of flowers the bees are collecting their nectar and pollen from.

Apidae Honey are very lucky to be surrounded by beautiful countryside here in Lincolnshire, and have around 150 hives which are sited in different locations around the local area and across the UK, This provides a diverse range of flora for our bees to forage on at different times of the year.


Primrose Free Range Eggs

A family business run by Stephen and Julie Rhodes and their son Robert producing finest quality free range eggs at Primrose Hill Farm, Wragby, Lincolnshire.

Primrose Hill Farm has three hen houses. Our first house was built in 2005 with two others following on in 2007. This allows a continuous supply of fresh free range eggs.

The birds have unrestricted movement within the shed, with food and water on continuous supply and access to areas to scratch and dust bathe and perches. All the hens are free to roam outside on fresh pasture planted with native trees.


Bellamy’s Butchers

Based in Hykeham on Newark Road, Bellamy’s has been our family butcher since Pete was a child, and the quality of their meat is fantastic. A family run small business, with the best bacon we have ever tasted, personal service and great value for money. Well worth a visit.

1 Jaguar Dr, North Hykeham, Lincoln LN6 9SF

J Hull Wholesale

Having already gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in the fresh produce industry, J Hull Wholesale was established in 2003.

Today they operate from a premises in Sutterton which houses their large cold store and vegetable preparation area.  They have a smart fleet of vehicles including refrigerated vans to deliver temperature controlled produce as required.

Their highly experienced team understands the need to provide quality produce for their customers and a first class service.

At Macy’s we strive to have fresh ingredients in our dishes and this is why we chose J Hull Wholesale.